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Episode 4

Intelligent interactions and HubSpot - How to set it up in your business

Our HubSpot experts share how to set up personal experiences at each stage of the buyer's journey to attract and engage your users so they turn into customers.

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Jamie Worrall

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The experts

Jamie Worrall
Client Partner, Aamplify
Jamie is an expert at transforming customer experiences and building sales pipelines. A B2B marketer with over 15 years of experience, she is passionate about helping companies reach their full potential using brand storytelling, marketing and technology.
Nate Whitaker
Digital Marketing Manager at Aamplify
Nate is an innovative, data-driven growth marketer who specialises in digital marketing solutions that deliver qualified leads and sales opportunities for leading B2B organisations.
Max Allen
Creative Director at Aamplify
Max is an accomplished digital Creative Director with 15+ years of experience helping businesses increase engagement, generate demand and grow revenue through print, web, UI/UX and brand design that solves critical business problems.

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