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#B2BMarketing Dialogues

The virtual event series for B2B marketers charged with transforming the sales and marketing function into a revenue engine.

Jamie Worrall
Client Partner at Aamplify

Hi there, and welcome to #B2BMarketingDialogues, our series of virtual events for HubSpot marketers.

Never has it been more important for marketing leaders, digital marketers and those tasked with growing demand and revenue to leverage technology to deliver engaging marketing programmes, generate demand and stay competitive.

We created #B2BMarketingDialogues to help marketing leaders, executers and strategists learn how to create engaging customer experiences and generate demand in the digital world. We’re kicking things off with three topics: virtual engagement, intelligent interactions and revenue generation. For each, there will be one session on what’s possible and another on how to do it – designed to support both the planners and the maker.

There will be a strong focus on HubSpot as that is our area of expertise, but you can also expect valuable tips and insights on other tech solutions and B2B marketing in general. Scroll down for details of on-demand and upcoming events.

I hope to see you at one of our live sessions.

Jamie Sig Big


On-demand and upcoming episodes

Episode 1

Virtual engagement on HubSpot:
Evolving event strategies to remain connected

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Virtual events are fast becoming the new normal when it comes to connecting with and engaging our audiences. Join us for this episode to learn more about what's possible when it comes to virtually engaging your audience on HubSpot and how to make sure your events generate demand.

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Episode 2

Virtual engagement on HubSpot:
How to make your first event happen


Building on episode 1, this session will look at how to make virtual events on HubSpot happen in your business. Tech experts will introduce the individual solutions and share how to put the pieces together for engaging, interactive and seamless virtual events.

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Episode 3

Selling at a social distance with intelligent interactions – Understanding what's possible


Join us for this episode to hear from APAC marketing leaders on how to respond to the changing B2B sales and marketing landscape by leveraging technology like intelligent interactions.

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Episode 4

Intelligent interactions and HubSpot:
How to set it up in your business


Following on from the previous session, this episode will focus on the technical aspects of intelligent interfaces. Join us to learn how to map your buyers’ journey and set up personal experiences and workflows.

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Episode 5

Transforming revenue generation: What is the next normal shaping up to be?

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Our current need to sell at a social distance is accelerating B2B digital marketing initiatives and prompting a rethink of how we build trust and relationships in the sales cycle. Hear perspectives from sales, marketing and customer success leaders in this episode.

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Episode 6

Transforming revenue generation with HubSpot: How to set it up in your business

Coming soon

After discussing what’s possible around transforming revenue generation in the previous episode, we will use this session to get a bit more technical. HubSpot experts will outline how to set up things like lead scoring and tracking and how to make sure you get the insights you need.

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