How Kordia tripled website conversions

Using a smart website to generate better pipeline.

The Brief 

Attract & convert buyers

Kordia provides business-critical technology solutions, from network connectivity to cyber security, to companies in Australia and New Zealand. When Kordia rebranded their website they quickly found out that it wasn’t generating any leads. They also needed a single solution that would bring all of their marketing tools together.


Primary goals
  • Generate leads from website visits to support campaigns.
  • Empower their salespeople by understanding what prospects had interacted with.
  • Get sales and marketing working together more effectively to provide a predictable view of the sales pipeline.
  • Make it easier for buyers to identify what Kordia does and find relevant information about the business outcomes that are delivered.

Data-driven design

Laying the foundation

The first step was to conduct buyer research to get a deeper level of understanding of Kordia’s key buyer personas. This informed the design by helping us to understand how best to structure information and speak to users on the website. It also informed the buyer journey workflows.


Key takeaways:
  • The website should have interactive face-to-face and online tools to track and close opportunities.
  • Awareness campaigns and demand generation activities must drive traffic to the website.
Aamplify’s thorough research of our buyers’ behaviours, pains and goals, ensured the website’s design and the experience was focused on spurring the right audience to engage.
Jennifer Johnson
Group Marketing Manager at Kordia
THE Build

HubSpot CMS to the rescue

Improving lead generation and website activity could only be achieved with a robust CMS platform backing it. Our recommendation was to build the website on the HubSpot CMS.

Better insight into buyer behaviour

Using the HubSpot CMS would enable Kordia to collect, gather and understand buyer behaviour on the website and create personalised interactions. It would also help bring the efforts of sales and marketing closer together by providing deeper insights into what customers and prospects are looking for.

Key solutions:

Smart CTAs that change depending on if a visitor has already filled out a form.


Smart forms that remember user information but also enable you to gather more information as buyers move down the funnel.


Automated workflows seamlessly connected to demand generation campaigns to drive engagement and track effectiveness.


An emphasis on placing the Kordia team at the forefront of the site for better engagement and ease of communication.

The Results

Results that speak for themselves

  • 2-3X increase in contact form conversion rates
  • Now achieving over 1:10 ROI on marketing performance
  • Intuitive navigation to guide visitors to relevant content
  • Site changes can be made without editing code
  • Smart content blocks that adapt to different visitors

The Future

Kordia’s website has now paved the way for more sophisticated and measurable demand generation activities and campaigns.

Since going live, the team has been able to quickly get optimised landing pages up and running, better understand what buyers are looking for, and provide more value to the market from a marketing and sales standpoint.

Our website doesn’t just look great but it now underpins our marketing and sales efforts. The right people are engaging, sales teams are having more informed conversations and we’re able to move quickly to build relationships.
Jennifer Johnson
Group Marketing Manager at Kordia

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