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Introducing a better way to connect, engage and inform via virtual meetups, workshops and hackathons, using HubSpot, StreamYard and Vimeo.


Their demand generation and live event strategies get disrupted overnight? 

They adopt a growth-hacker mindset and find new and better ways to connect and engage. Our Go Virtual demand generation and engagement solutions enable B2B marketers to respond to the changing landscape and rules of engagement in a relevant and cost-effective way.

  • Virtual meetups
    Engage your audience with a series of 6-12 interactive online Meetups. Share insights, discuss key topics and run Live Q&A sessions – all while building connections and loyalty.
  • Virtual workshops
    Upskill your audience through engaging facilitator-led seminars. Deliver courses and share resources, exercises and recommended reading in one easy to access platform.
  • Virtual hackathons
    Bring your community together to solve critical business problems in a collaborative manner without face-to-face contact.

HubSpot + StreamYard + Vimeo
= Seamless Virtual Events

We use the proven combination of three leading marketing technologies, HubSpot, StreamYard and Vimeo, to deliver virtual events that engage your audience before, during and after the live action.

  • HubSpot
    We design a landing page or hub for your virtual event in HubSpot. This page will be where you direct your audience. They will be able to watch the live event from this page, and you can also use it to run Q&A sessions, polls and surveys as well as to make additional resources available.
  • StreamYard
    StreamYard is a live streaming studio. It enables the creation of engaging content with multiple presenters, shared screens, on screen comments, branded themes, overlays and backgrounds and more, making it the ideal platform for virtual events.
  • Vimeo
    Vimeo offers high-quality live streaming and video hosting. With Vimeo, we can live stream your event via your HubSpot event page as well as via social media for extended reach. Advanced privacy and engagement tools enable us to deliver the virtual event you need.

More than just technology

We do more than just set up the technology for you. We work alongside you to plan your virtual event, promote it, run it seamlessly, and make the content accessible afterwards in a way that continues to add value to your business and your audience long after the live event.

  • STEP 1
    We work with you to identify the right virtual event format and content for you. Based on our extensive experience, we can provide valuable guidance around which format and content are most likely to help you achieve your goals within your budget.
  • STEP 2
    For some virtual events, promotion is as easy as sending a few emails. In other cases, it requires extensive advertising on various platforms. And often, it’s somewhere in the middle. We work with you to develop and execute the right promotional strategy for your event.
  • STEP 3
    Leave worrying about the tech to us. Meetup, workshop or hackathon, small or large, we will ensure the delivery of your event is seamless and enjoyable for everyone involved.
  • STEP 4
    For most virtual events, there is an opportunity to leverage the content created long after the live event is done. We will make sure the recording of your event is processed and made available for on-demand viewing and work with you to develop the right post-event engagement campaigns.
See a virtual event in action

How a virtual event series helped Certus Digital reach over 200,000 prospects and customers and close over 30 enterprise deals.

I’ve very much enjoyed hosting #DigitalDialogues. It’s been great to engage with both the guests and our audience, and to see it have such a positive impact on our business.
Rene Grozdanovski
Operations Director at Certus Solutions

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