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4 ways good storytelling benefits marketing campaigns

According to Fast Company, Americans alone consume over 100,000 digital words every single day. A whopping 92% of those surveyed say they want those words to tell stories.

Every company, no matter what they do, has interesting stories to tell that are relevant to their audiences. Here are 4 reasons why good storytelling works so well in marketing.

1. It allows you to show your brand as a hero.

Interactive social media has given us a new ability to portray brands as a protagonist in a much more powerful way - by showing rather than just telling. This means it's far more likely to be absorbed and remembered.

This can be achieved metaphorically like a journey from A to B, or with something more in-depth using plot devices and a host of characters, like an adventure story. You can make your brand known as one that delivers quality results above all its rivals - as a champion, an underdog, or both. Whatever way you choose to tell it, it should link your brand intrinsically to the story’s message.

For your brand to stand out though, you'll need to keep things simple. Don't let it get lost or forgotten in an overly complicated story.

2. It conveys your company's personality.

Your brand's personality is the human connection that your customers make to your brand identity, and how they relate to it. While your identity includes your visuals (logos, colours, fonts, etc.), it is also conveyed in every communication you make. Your brand's identity should be a symbiotic part of its personality, and it should come across in your storytelling.

Keep in mind that it is your brand's personality you're sharing, not your own. This can only happen if you have a clear picture of who your brand is in the first place.

3. It gives you the ability to connect to your audience emotionally.

The things that are most important to us, tend to be those that are tied to the stories of our lives and the memories they represent e.g. the mug you watched your father drink coffee out of every morning, or the rug you used to play on in your grandmother's living room. But what about a product you haven’t bought yet?

Telling the story of where a good comes from, can help consumers build emotional connections with the people who make these things. Don't just list the rug's fibre content and dimensions. Tell them whose hands wove that rug, and why she left her corporate job and traded in her laptop for a loom.

4. It will keep them coming back for more.

Once you've shown your ability to tell the right stories in an original voice, your audience will conclude that you're the most qualified to help them with their problem. Build an emotional personality they connect with, and they'll keep coming back again and again.

Be sure to keep your brand's story going, sharing new narratives as your brand evolves and grows, to maintain your audience's interest in what you have to offer. Work towards building them into true advocates that'll share your story with others.

Do you need help telling your story? Even great writers can have a hard time telling their own story that captures both who they are and the audience's imagination. Get in touch with one of our client partners to learn how Aamplify can hone your message, and tell a story that both informs and delights.