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House of 1,000 Agencies

How segmented marketing efforts could be leaving you in the dark. 

Halloween analogies aside, this scary story is quickly becoming a classic. Best to read this in the dark, with a flashlight shining up from your chin (regardless of the time of year, it’s a vibe).

Ok, let’s set the scene

It might feel like there’s a marketing agency for almost everything you can think of, and you’re not wrong. Hyper-niche agencies are essentially following the broader marketing trend of carving out a narrow space to engage with a specific audience and provide a particular service. Less competition and the ability to meet the needs of these customers without wasting resources on trying to find the right fit among the industry noise — makes sense, right?

There is value in depth of knowledge rather than a ‘jack-o-lantern of all trades’ approach. But how does this translate into your outsourced marketing strategy? One specialist for web design, another for SEO, one more for PPC and a CRM advisor for good measure. Here’s the part that can get a bit scary.

Exhibit A: campaigns gone rogue  

Every agency will have its campaign priorities, KPIs, reporting process, software, etc. So, how do you get all these little goblins in a row? It’s a tall order. 

Integrating multiple agencies to work in tandem towards the same goals, on complimentary timelines and within the same software ecosystem is as complex as it sounds. This air traffic control requires internal marketing expertise, which you may have yet to account for. After all, you’re paying the pros to take care of this.

It always comes back to the good ol’ marketing funnel — one campaign impacts another, and down the chain it goes. So when these friendly components become siloed, essential connections can become broken (without anyone knowing). Yikes.

Exhibit B: the vicious time-suck

Like Dracula, but for your productivity — it will suck your time).

Coordinating and communicating with even one agency requires time and attention to maximise the investment. Multiply this allocated time by four; how might that feel? 

Now, to play devil’s advocate, this system might be the perfect fit for your particular business needs. One allocated internal team member manages the multiple service providers who each do their thing (very well), and it’s a dream team. Either way, it’s something to consider before you’re neck-deep in strategy emails.

How does this story end?

You are the master of your destiny, armed with the pros and cons of one agency for it all versus hyper-specialised agencies for specific campaigns. 

Now, here at Aamplify, we think of ourselves as the happy medium (not the spirit-channeling type other than on Halloween, though). We work with B2B brands, helping them take products and services to market via a streamlined suite of services, including HubSpot CMS websites, SEO and paid advertising. Here’s the twist: we can also manage all those other bits and pieces, essentially acting as an in-house marketing team or sending in backup for an existing one. We’ve got the strategy covered so you can bring your business to life.

Steer clear of the marketing boobie traps and contact us for some solid no-strings-attached advice.