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What is inbound marketing?

In simplified terms, the main objective of inbound marketing is to produce a large volume of helpful and engaging free content that has been created with your target audience’s needs in mind. By developing content that provides upfront value to your potential customers, you can gain conversions from new visitors and leads, through your demonstrated ability to help them meet their goals.

Generating customised content allows you to tailor your message to address the specific problems your audience is facing, which will make them more inclined to view your posts. Ultimately, this content should generate a high-quality list of prospects that is keen to interact with and purchase from your company. The very best content should even be able to walk first-time visitors all the way from initial engagement to a successful sale—and reward them with a memorable customer experience.

First, you’ll need to attract the right audience. You want to ensure the right visitors are coming to your site—ones that need your product or service. At this stage, you will likely be encountering strangers and providing them with their first exposure to your brand. In order to do this successfully, you’ll need content that is current, solves a problem, and is easily relatable to your ideal audience. If your content is able to meet that criteria, you should see the number of visitors getting incrementally greater.

If you start to notice an increase in engagement—such as more comments or ‘likes’ on your posts—you’ll know that your content is getting traction. That’s when you’ll need to start focusing on converting those visitors into leads. Conversion is typically done by producing special content that is only viewable if the visitor enters their email or other personal details. Other methods can include newsletter signups, fillable forms, personalised messages, and even virtual meeting invites. Since you’ve already proven your company is a valuable resource, they should be willing to trade you the contact details you need, in exchange for information they need.

Once that contact has been made, you’ll know that lead is already interested in your content or brand. From this point, it becomes markedly easier to sell them your solution. Turning those leads into new customers can be done through targeted nurturing strategies, email introductions, or even giveaways.

Finally, you’ll need to turn your attention to converting first-time customers into repeat customers. Ideally, you don’t just want another sale, but to also build them into promoters that speak highly of your brand. The key to this is providing a customer service experience that exceeds expectations, continuing to provide smart content, and maintaining meaningful conversations with your audience. The result should be true fans that are loyal to your brand and are even willing to do some of your marketing for you, to their own networks.

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