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The Frankensystem: A Modern Marketing Nightmare

Have you (accidentally) created a monster? 😱

With spooky season in full swing, it’s the perfect time to face this marketing monster head-on. And if you happen to be reading this post-Halloween, well, we honestly couldn’t resist leaning into the obvious seasonal literary devices. Grab a tiny candy bar and use your imagination.

What do you mean, a Frankensystem?

A CRM from here, paired with a CMS from there, all held together by a couple of dusty systems put in place many moons ago — sound hauntingly familiar? This Frankensystem beast typically builds over the years, based on growth (nice one, by the way) and the necessity to internally manage it. These multiple systems likely served their purpose at one point, perhaps not seamlessly, but they got the job done.

Fast-forward as your business matures; you're looking at scalability and how to reign in an ever-growing tech stack. HubSpot has officially entered the chat.

For many of our clients, the conversation goes something like:

"We know we've outgrown [insert monster mash of systems], but we're not sure if HubSpot will help us manage [insert niche industry-specific pain points]." Or, "This all sounds too good to be cheap."

We won't beat around the cauldron; HubSpot can be expensive. For a premium service, expect to pay the price. But hear us out: 

  • How much are you currently paying for systems that could work better?

  • How much revenue are these broken systems leaving on the table? 

  • How would significant time saved impact your bottom line? 

  • What if an expert could help you implement and leverage HubSpot for your specific business needs?

Say hello to your new ecosystem 

It can be hard to say goodbye to those old systems; we've been there, too. The heavy lifting upfront to make this transition requires an investment of resources and time, but the payoff will continue for years. The beauty of the Hubspot ecosystem lies in its ability to scale along with you and in the suite of integrated apps that make your job easier. 

For example, have you ever set out to weave an intricate web of plugins and tools only to gather incomplete data? Or find that part of your perfectly crafted customer journey totally glitched? If these spooky stories sound all too familiar, you're in the right place. With HubSpot, it's one and done.

Consider us the friendly scientists

No Frankensystems here; we're dedicated to creating lean, mean, integrated, customer-converting machines for our clients with the support of HubSpot's technology. While we think HubSpot is pretty great, we're not here to sell you software. We're here to create a seamless B2B marketing strategy using best-in-class systems you don't even have to think about — it all just works. 

If you have a Frankensystem of your own and are ready to bid him farewell, get in touch. We'll give him a nice send-off.